A King of Broken Things

The first man's teeth tore at the skin of the fruit of the tree, 
piercing it through 
And man no longer walked with the Lord in the cool of the day
Intimacy broken, the sons of men worked the sun-cracked ground for their bread

The Lord came to the descendants of the man and chose them
When they wandered, divided in the wilderness, he rained bread from heaven for them

And after the nation had broken apart, the whole one finally came
Surely no more would be broken

But at the table he broke the bread and said it was his body, 
the wine his blood
And with a kiss the fellowship around that table was broken

He was plucked and put up on a tree
The crown of thorns tore at his skin,
and the spear pierced it through

His brutalized body was lain in the silence of a tomb
But the silence was broken 
And the stone that stood outside the tomb was thrust aside

Even now when we look at his body
We see where they pierced him

So it seems we wait 
Broken and whole 
For the king to resurrect us too