The Art Institute of Chicago. Closing time. Impressionist portraits hang on the wall. Among them is Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait. Van Gogh’s painting The Drinkers is also among the paintings. A girl explores the museum in the late afternoon light. ELLEN is 20-years-old. The guard STEVE is in his late 50s and patrols the Art Museum. VAN GOGH appears as he does in his portrait (approx. 30-years-old).

STEVE            The museum closes in ten minutes folks. Ma’am, need help finding anything?

ELLEN            Pardon me?

STEVE            Do you need help finding a gallery?

ELLEN            I’m just going to the Impressionists.

STEVE            They’re right down there ma’am, you can’t miss ’em.

ELLEN            Yes, thank you. I know the way.

STEVE            Oh, okay. Yep, right there in that gallery at the end of the hall.

ELLEN            Thank you… what’s your name?

STEVE            Steve.

ELLEN            Thank you Steve.

STEVE            You’re welcome…

ELLEN            Ellen.

STEVE            You’re welcome Ellen. Just have a quick look. We close in ten minutes and everyone needs to be out of the building then.

ELLEN            Mm-hmm.

STEVE            Make sure you gather all belongings and family members.

ELLEN            Just me to worry about, thank you though.

STEVE            Well, enjoy yourself.

ELLEN            Okay, thank you again.

[ELLEN walks to the gallery at the end of hall, gazes at paintings]

ELLEN            Oh, wow.

[ELLEN looks around at all the paintings hanging on the walls, stepping up to each]

ELLEN            Mmmmm. Dang, Monet.

[ELLEN turns to face Van Gogh self-portrait]

ELLEN            Woah.