Statement of Craft and Calling

“Tell your story.” This is the prompting I heard from God. When I replied, “Yes Lord, I’ll tell them tomorrow,” the response came, “Tell them now, Emily.” The only other guidance I received on this subject was the singular word “write.” Although I had compulsively created things my entire life, I continued to deny this creativity. I chose paths that shielded me from pain. I kept myself safe. I now choose to follow God’s call to a path that requires more of myself: more creativity, more risk, more vulnerability, and more bravery.

I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I commit myself to vulnerably creating that which expresses myself and points others to the God that continues to pursue my heart. It may be uncomfortable for me to share, but the idea that another person may feel less alone from my having shared makes me willing to endure discomfort and suffering.